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Translation Chain 1-28
Jedan tren između svjetla i tame--
mjesec stane prije prijelaza--
ja stanem gledati prazno noćno nebo.
Oči nam se sukobe
(a rat blijedi kad se zatvore.)
Ipak, bila je brižna.
Otišla je opstati,
tražiti sjedinjenje.
Ono što vlada tamom je samo.
Lako je gledati,
izbor za one koji vide:
"Za tisuću dijamanata,
vizionar traži pobjedu
međ tisuće proročanstava,
sva jasna kao dijamanti."
I blijesak donosi zoru.
Bijahu li goli bludni?
(ona kaže da bijaše razloga)
Nemoćni objasniti gubitak života,
ležeći u magli odraza,
jedan drugog,
u apsurdnim oblicima.
Zora otkriva maske žalosti.
Prodiru zrake,
svjetlo sunca s njima.
On ih više ne želi vidjeti,
umjetnik se bori tamu zarobiti.
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 2 5
"Give it to me."
As he stood there, I couldn't help but notice veins on his forehead.
"You know what that is. It's mine."
Sharp, wiggly, protruding veins. Almost as if I could feel the blood in them. He must've had a soaring headache.
"Do I really need to repeat myself? It's my property."
Adrenaline. Sweat. Tension. It was coursing through him. Doubt.
"Don't test me! Hand it over!"
His look-
"Now, worman!"
"Yes. Now, man. Now."
The smell of burnt flesh, melted bone and boiled fluids filled my lungs.
That is how I named myself Irene.
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Mature content
Tan :iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 2 12
"A butterfly was flying up in the sky. It was so tiny and fast! Then came another butterfly. And  another. The sky turned purple. More butterflies. My Mum screamed and picked me up from the sandbox and then there was a big light and then she was gone. The butterflies take the big people away, but they leave us kids, that's what Dad told me later. That's when I first saw'em."
Major Lint lost track of the girl at the word purple.
"Can I go now? I gotta go find Dad too."
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 0 13
I don't hate you
But many others do
It puzzles me too
They treat you like poo
Just wait and see
It'll end quite well
With a show and tell
And a delightful glee
'Cause I'll be here
Always shouting a cheer
For you, my colleague dear
And the silence we hear
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 1 1
Wind and Wheat
Gentle fingers
Yellow sea
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 1 0
Under the wood
Waiting patiently
Hope forms
Under the rays
Cheering out
Life flows
Over the field
Drawing shadows
Grass feels
Over the road
Singing lullabies
All falls
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 1 2
Desktop - 13. 04. 2008. by CrystalSeeker Desktop - 13. 04. 2008. :iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 0 0
Crimson road
Empty red hallway
Footsteps echo right by me
Shadows are near us
Our voices muddled and lost
Walls become sanctuary
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 0 19
Desktop - 07.02.2008 by CrystalSeeker Desktop - 07.02.2008 :iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 0 1
We are here for you
I have to choose. Again.
"Well, let's see... Ah, Mr. Albren, since this is your 50th switch, you will have an additional option." The clerk, a fat-faced heap of boring lard, shifted his massive weight and leaned forward. The chair creaked. The table grunted too. "You can take the X-F200 model, standard class, or the Y-F300, also standard class, as before, or you can participate in our new test program."
50th? Already?
The sliding doors on each side of the room opened, and from each came out a thin, sturdy reel of metal. Hanging on the left; black, crappy skin tossed on lumps of meat supposed to be hands and legs and a torso, all sewed together by a thermolaser. On the right, the same - jets included.
"I understand you have a debt problem, Mr. Albren. If you participate in our program, it will be cleared, and you might even be able to upgrade. Also, your original content will be preserved for future generations."
"You mean my head?"
Of course he meant that. Stupid question. Wait, he sai
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 0 31
Loud, crisp and high
His pain is a sigh
Falling, sinking and dying
His wings fail at trying
Black, dark and grim
His past haunts him
Abyss, pain and sorrow
His sights only know
Love, warmth and bliss
His wish is this:
"A gust!
My lungs lust for air
It is unjust!
My task is not fair
How am I to do?
My star is lost
And this I did for You?
My torch is now frost
I ask of You,
(My mind will go mad!)
I had known so much of You,
My jinx was sad
I wish it all back,
My past words, I kill
It was, I know, an attack
My mouth has no skill
Show a light, I follow
My wish is not hollow"
Wanting, waiting and watching
His hands shook, grasping
Nothing, oblivion and damnation
His arms found frustration
But, far (or nigh?)
A spark is high
Day, Sun and Clouds
His might forgot his shrouds
Shining, strong and bright
His wings bring glory and flight
Joy, music and song
His task was long
And so, now with his Lord
His truth was his sword
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 2 39
DevID 9.01.2008 - by KSCH by CrystalSeeker DevID 9.01.2008 - by KSCH :iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 0 0 Desktop 19.12.2007 by CrystalSeeker Desktop 19.12.2007 :iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 0 1
Prosjak - Translation Chain 3
Bio je usamljena primjedba
Betonskom gradu; sam
Kao vrana na kiši, ležao je
Kao šaka nasred trga
Nije imao natpis, ni tužaljku velikih slova
Za milost; miris njegov - oštar
Kao krajolik mu lica - rekao je sve
Krnje noge su uskličnik
Kada su ga kišni oblaci odveli, ostavio je
Siluetu od krede na zemlji
Translated from the original poem,
"A Beggar", by Kristoffer M. Miracco
Prijevod pjesme u originalu "A Beggar", napisao Kristoffer M. Miracco
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 0 0
      Style is what she seeks
    Glamour - one of her needs
         Pleasure is her high
             That's no lie
              Only a tiny
                 A hint,
                 A dash,
           And all is ready.
      A sway on the catwalk
:iconcrystalseeker:CrystalSeeker 4 37

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*SRSmith's Workshop: Flash Fiction
In this news article: Results of SparrowSong’s Workshop on Sound Devices |:star: SRSmith’s Workshop: Flash Fiction :star:|Workshop hosts wanted |First time you have heard to Writers-Workshop? This section is for you!
Results of the Sound Devices Workshop!
A word from Writers-Workshop ...
This was possibly one of the most successful workshops we have had recently on here. Not because of the volume of entries, but the wonderful amount of critique and feedback being shared between members as well as the encouragement and positivity was a delight to see. In particular we had some excellent critiques from PunknEra, RickDanger and Queen-of-Marigold. We love this kind of enthusiasm, keep it up guys!
We also wanted to address the task this time. It is workshops like these which aid you as writers to focus on a specific layer to your writing. Many of these techniques and layers when brought together can really solidify a
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A word from Writers-Workshop: There was an excellent amount of participation this workshop, both from the entries and the responses to the poems. We're glad to see such a positive response to found poetry!
:star: Special Mention: Illithyia for this critique:
Laurence55’s Top Picks:
Well, I am happy to announce that the Found Poetry workshop has come to a fantastic end! I would like to thank everyone who participated or supported the workshop in any way. I would also like to thank Writers-Workshop for choosing to collabo
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Laurence55's Workshop: Found Poetry
In this news article: :star: Results of batousaijin's Workshop 'Call of the wild'|  :star: Laurence55's workshop:  on found poetry| On Accepting Critique | Staff changes | First time you've heard of *Writers-Workshop? This section is for you.
:postit: Results of batousaijin's Workshop 'Call of the Wild'
A word from Writers-Workshop: It's wonderful to see that critiquing is coming back to the workshop. I'd like to mention lambs2ndseal, inspiredimperfection, ElijahSnow, kittyfantastic24 and  PunknEra who commented on more than two deviations each. I believe kitty commented on all seven entries. Good work, you guys!
Turns out batousaijin's move got delayed and he read your entries from a library. He did not have time to comment on them individually, but he sent us his top picks. He will be offering critique as soon as he can. You can also contact him by noting Writers-Workshop (as yo
:iconwriters-workshop:Writers-Workshop 32 15
Great Prose Exposed: WordCount Feature #13

Hello and welcome to our August feature! It's hard to believe that summer is nearly over, but we've got the perfect way for you to enjoy what's left: 16 pieces of deviantART prose and a new Published Work, care of your fellow community members.
We would also like to hear one final "Hurrah!" for our former Gallery Director, GeneratingHype, who returns to the ranks of Lit Seniors as of today. We're sure he'll continue to serve the community as steadfastly as always, but if you've a moment to spare, do stop over to his little corner of dA and thank him for all that he has done during his six-month tenure as GD.
GeneratingHype is the Creator and Doomlord Commander of the WordCount Project.
:resume: 100 words or less
:bulletblue: Letting go by MSJames
Fictional Life Stories: If you love someone, let him go--unless he's hanging from a rope.
:iconwordcount:WordCount 37 7
Happy Eighth Birthday deviantART!

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           Do you want to help represent the dAbdAy in your journal as well? If you have the ability to use CSS (this means all you subscribers and seniors!) grab this and put it in your journal to promote the events going on, or even better, start your own!

Art for AIDS Orphans
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Materia by NeoCloudski Materia :iconneocloudski:NeoCloudski 120 24
Max Features: Poetry.
From the day I was subscribed to deviantART, I have been featuring deviations in my journal entries. The deviants who watch me love these features and many more have watched me just for these features. I found this very encouraging, as nothing makes me more happy than people taking interest in what interests me.
A collection of features from my journals; this is the second article of the series, and the theme is Poetry. Enjoy :)

Three of Hearts by LoloTehWormie:thumb76978868:
Dinosaur Factories by mcboydeThe Other Gemini by LilithLairPoetry:thumb65602191:
Cats by K4h14n
:iconmixdown:mixdown 13 21
Max Features: Polaroids.
From the day I was subscried to deviantART, I have been featuring deviations in my journal entries. The deviants who watch me love these features and many more have watched me just for these features. I found this very encouraging, as nothing makes me more happy than people taking interest in what interests me.
So I bring, for you, a collection of features from my journals; this is the first article of the series, and the theme is Polaroids (real, and those edited to look like polaroids as well). Enjoy :)
(More news articles in this series soon.)

Non hanno piu memoria by OmahaNebraska600 - 603 by karllong
So much beauty in dirt by OmahaNebraskaSX-70 polaroid 91 of 100 by lloydhughes.741. by polgaroid
The smell of street by 6igella:thumb81427288:Caution Emerging Traffic by bluebuddhadesign
music by ourtime.736. by polgaroid:thumb90668361:
okie by ourtimePortrait of a young girl by mll0llVisions II by Alexeiz
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*batousaijin's Workshop: Call of the Wild
In this news article
Results of LadyLincoln's Workshop on Romance | :star: batousaijin's Workshop: CALL OF THE WILD :star: | Our new staff members! | First time you've heard of Writers-Workshop? This section is for you.
:postit: Results of LadyLincoln's Workshop: The Lady and the Rogue
Writers-Workshop: I hate to say this, but we're not critiquing enough, and by "we", I include myself in that. I really hope we can change this starting with cycle 7. There is no special mention this time, but LadyLincoln has DDed TheLightsWentOutIn99's entry. Check it out on the DD page!
LadyLincoln: My top poem pick was Space Farer by TheLightsWentOutIn99. It had such a beautiful flow, rhyme and also told quite a wonderful story!
My top prose pick was <b>
:iconwriters-workshop:Writers-Workshop 25 8
^LadyLincoln's Workshop: The Lady and the Rogue
In this news article
Results of PinkyMcCoversong's Workshop on Enjambment | :star: LadyLincoln's Workshop: THE LADY AND THE ROGUE :star: | Apply to be a staff member | First time you've heard of Writers-Workshop? This section is for you.
:postit: Results of PinkyMcCoversong's Workshop: Break a line!
Writers-Workshop: It was good to see so much participation in the workshop. PinkyMcCoversong's results are brief, as she got caught up in a lot of work. But she plans to come back and offer you guys some in depth critique.
:star: Special Mention: dreamscape-painter for this critique:
PinkyMcCoversong: I truly loved GaioumonBatou's piece. This is the kind of enjambment that is striking - little unpredictable breaks that emphasize the statement being made, give pause, but
:iconwriters-workshop:Writers-Workshop 27 18
Anima: Arkaid the Arbiter by Wen-M Anima: Arkaid the Arbiter :iconwen-m:Wen-M 7,268 468
Stage Write Contest!
deviantLIT contest!
:spotlight-left: Stage Write! :spotlight-right:
It's time to get out the old rusty typewriter and write a script! Yes, deviantLIT is hosting a scriptwriting contest! Contest starts July 15th and ends September 14th. Please note your entries to the DeviantLIT account with 'Stage Write Contest' as the subject. Entries will be judged from a select team of writers!
Rules and Requirements:
:bulletpurple: You may choose to write the script in any genre of your choosing.
:bulletpurple: Please do not exceed 40 pages of text.
:bulletpurple: Be sure to convert text into a .PDF file type.
:bulletpurple: Please write script SOLO. Do NOT collaborate with another deviant. The script must be 100% yours.
:star: Submit entrees to deviantLIT as a note with 'State Write Contest' in the subject line.
:star: Entries which are PLAIN TEXT will be denied. Please convert your text into a .PDF file and upload to Deviantart. (He
:icondeviantlit:deviantLIT 6 10
deviantART Version 6
After much effort, arguing, designing, and programming, our front page is now better than ever! We've taken a close look at how our community interacts and made improvements to make new art even easier to discover. Quick-loading thumbnails and a faster, more reliable search are just a couple of ways we've made browsing an even more enjoyable experience.

Our Footer is now a destination in itself! Offering direct access to News, Polls, and other community-specific features, this robust feature is extremely functional and also fun to use. You can also flip through your Channels, giving you a great at-a-glance view of your favorite types of art.
:iconspyed:spyed 7,377 15,904
:bookdiva: deviantLIT.
deviantLIT is a club which will cover all forms of literature. Poetry, Prose, Screen writing/Scriptwriting, Songs, Books, Essays, &c.
This club was started this because, frankly we're all tired of off-topics. While a club on DA may thrive with contests and such, the chat will often be the center of a major downfall. We all do it, we all get off topic, we all sit there day after day and idle. We do it so much that we forget to come back and discuss literature. Instead, we talk about the latest whatever. We completely forget lit. Let me remind you that there are other chats and clubs for that-- and there's a wonderful little invention called 'Instant Message' you should check it out.
:bulletpurple: deviantLIT will cover everything. A strict rule enforcing the off-topics will weld, so to say-- everything a lit club SHOULD be.
Now, you might be saying, "Yeah, but there's already like 100 lit clubs. Why is yours any different?'
What we're about:
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Seeker of the Crystal.
Well, I'm back, after a huge delay. dA has never looked better, and the now up-and-running Flash Fiction Month event is my time for creative experimentation!

I'll manage! Somehow! I will!

Why are you looking at me like that?




Time bears no meaning or truth. It is forced upon us.
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